Mike and Terri Widau

Mike, along with Terri, wanted to create a place where community was encouraged in their hometown. Coffee is pretty inclusive and since I love coffee, a coffee bar seemed like the perfect fit. We have been at this for a few years now and have made so many great friends along the way.. We're sure that we are all stronger together and that is exactly what Roscoe's is about. That, and the Craft Beer, togetherness and Craft Beer...and our Nachos! Togetherness, Craft Beer, and our Nachos. 

Terri is our General Manager. She was the one who triggered the idea of Roscoe’s from the beginning, to love people.  Terri is community-minded. She is committed to the success of the Depot District as a whole and is a cheerleader for the city of Richmond.


Jared Ward

Growing up a young military brat and moving every couple of years, Jared had two choices to make. Either make new friends or cry because he had to leave old friends. Well, he chose the to make new friends and friends he continues to make every day (almost). The coffee shop is the perfect place for him as he enjoys community, coffee, beer, and the finer things in life which does not include such things as personal space. Jared is the Master Roaster in the house and fresh coffee brew developer. His relationship with craft beer enables the best beers in the country to make their home in the tap room. He will always be confident to put Roscoe's beer lineup against any in the state. His heart full of love for the people, Jared's motto is, "it's not nice to be mean".



A dark night in a city that knows how to keep its secrets but one man is still trying to find the answers to life’s persistent questions. Bennett, being not the sharpest tool in the shed, never knew what the world had to offer. But one brittle winter night he stumbled, frostbitten and alone, into the nearest neon-lit building where he was greeted by a steaming cup of community. The ice he skated was getting pretty thin, but that mug  pulled him in and told him where to go. 

Well, the years start coming and they don't stop coming, so Bennett took the backstreets and found himself pulling shots for the happy townsfolk, because it really just didn't make sense not to live for fun. What he found there glittered like gold and he decided to keep that shine coming, like a shooting star that broke the satellite picture of a thousand far far away castles in the night sky. Roscoe's was the game and it hit the ground running. 



Honestly Jesse just wants to be creative and not forgotten. He loves to meet new people and to spread "positivity" around the community. Jesse needed a place to be creative and to converse with the community but could never find that special spot to do both. Then he found Roscoe's, the perfect blend of creativity and community. You can find him in town with his camera, working on 10 speeds at Ike's Bikes, or making your favorite latte at Roscoe's. Some may say that Jesse is a "Jack of all trades" but he finds that to be silly.



Hi, I'm Kristen. I do all the pretty lettering,. Sometimes my latte art gets the memo and turns out pretty too. I love coming to work and making people's day with a great cup of coffee and a smile. I think Richmond can be a hidden gem if you come at her with the right attitude.




Monday to Friday I am a mild mannered data analyst, drinking whatever coffee I can find each morning on my hour commute and occasionally enjoying a random bottle of beer or glass of wine.  But, on most Sundays you can call me Roscoe-Man and come enjoy a freshly made pour over of our Koinonia blend, a snifter of our best craft beer (I like them dark and malty), or a glass of Melton Renzuli wine at my secret lair:  Roscoe's...we are craft!



Barista, Photographer, Twin mom.  

If I'm not out shooting, I'm home spending time with my little beauties, or you can find me at Roscoe's: whipping up delicious signature latte's and fraps.  
My greatest interests include: Art, Music, and of course, Photography..  
 So come in - enjoy a  freshly brewed coffee - chat with friends.  Let our friendly staff help make your experience memorable




I am currently a junior nursing student at IUE and a barista on the side. I loved Roscoe's long before I started working here. Now that I am apart of the Roscoe's family, I love it even more. This is a place I still come to study and spend time with family and friends.
I love the atmosphere and the people I work with. My current favorite drink is anything with banana/caramel and my favorite sandwich is the Roscoe Melt. Yum!



I just graduated from Earlham College with a degree in studio art. I am exploring teaching, at Richmond Friends School, and my art from home, while I take time off before continuing my education. 

I am enjoying working at Roscoe's, I have the chance to meet many new people and maybe make their day just a little bit better. I like making tacos but I think everyone should try the Mediterranean panini with a strawberry banana smoothie! It's fantastic!



Hmmmm....ok.....well I didn't like coffee at all until I started working at Roscoe's, now I love it, especially the Guatemalan. When I was in Peru I actually was able to explain to the locals how we roasted and made our coffee in the U.S. using a translator. And they continued to show me how they made theirs, and the  common love for it gave me a great conversation starter, which led into friendship, which led into building some great relationships and the ability to have even deeper conversations thereafter.